The digital grooming or the digitalization of grooming with Bureau d'Image

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The digital grooming with Bureau d'Image

In the era of digitalization, it is essential for us to adapt and to rewrite the codes by offering a range of our e-learning grooming training.

That is why we offer to a wide audience, the opportunity to access our grooming training by connecting themselves at anytime, anywhere in the world, using a computer or via smartphones and tablets.

Offering a grooming training suited for the operational staff, is also allowing users, via this "digital learning", to pause when needed and resume the training at a more convenient time.

Bureau d'Image launches today the first online grooming courses, 100% distance learning, in French and English, dedicated to luxury hotels:

  • A man course composed of units for shaving and hairstyle / manicure / uniform
  • A women's course consisting of units for makeup / hairstyle / manicure / uniform

The transversal courses for man/woman including hygiene and face care.

For each Brand and hotel, we offer a personalized content, both fun and interactive, alternating quizzes, videos, data sheets and good practices, and delivering a “Certificate Bureau de Image” at the end of the course.

If nothing replaces the human being, these digital courses nevertheless keep their promise to make available - remotely - all the expertise of our face-to-face courses known and recognized throughout the world since 2005. Our digital grooming programs are indeed the result of 12 months of research, conception and realization conducted by the teams of Bureau d'Image.

To benefit from our training courses and discover the richness of their pedagogical contents (technical data sheets, videos, quizzes, memos... the whole delivering you a grooming certificate), we invite you to send us an email to this address: contact@bureaudimage.com

For the moment, only companies are able to place orders.

Nevertheless, if you are a private individual, you can formulate your request accompanied by the contact of your human resources manager and we will make the link with your company.

You can also address this request directly to your human resources.

You will find below extracts of videos from our training courses.