Intended for a professional audience from the prestigious hospitality business and the luxury sector, Bureau d'Image's grooming training aims at giving all the keys to comply with service standards. An approach marked by agility and simplicity thanks to the methods which have made this pioneering firm famous in this area.

While the female staff is trained in makeup, hair and manicure techniques, the male staff is trained in good practices for care and shaving, manicure, shoe polish and necktie.
Men and women are also made aware of the rules regarding hygiene and uniform codes under the guidance of expert trainers. They are the ones who help to convey the compliance with the standards and awaken the awareness on the key importance of the image relating to the customer experience.

It is by reproducing the technical gestures at each stage with humility, by correcting and improving the movements with the greatest precision and by kindly assisting the teams that have been trained, that Bureau d'Image has become THE partner of the most demanding brands for more than ten years.

Our trainings can either be a simple booster shot on a precise topic or a workshop on a larger scale. They can be dedicated to a small number of participants or to all the employees of a hotel. But whatever the format, location or participants, agility and adaptability are our common denominators. As each request and partner are unique, Bureau d'Image rigorously adapts to the needs and goals of each one by declining, tailor-made, appropriate scenarios.